Complements Highlighted product of the month for September — PCA Skin gentle exfoliant


This month I am highlighting a gentle exfoliant product. Fall is a great time to introduce a face or body scrub two to three times per week to slough off dry, flaky skin.

I love this product because it is gentle enough for all skin types. Dry, sensitive, normal or oily, this product can improve your complexion.

Exfoliating can improve the results of your skincare routine. It will allow your skincare products and makeup to work better and be absorbed, not just sit on the surface of your skin. Why? Because the dead cells are being sloughed off. Exfoliating removes dirt stuck in your pores and can help diminish the size of the pores. It will also speed up your skin renewal process, allowing new, healthy cells to take their place. This will improve your overall complexion.

This light and creamy scrub contains smooth beads to exfoliate and polish the skin. It gently removes cellular buildup, revealing healthy, younger looking skin. After cleansing in the morning or evening two to three times per week, you will apply a small dime-sized amount and work in circular motions all over your face. Rinse and pat dry. I tend to use my exfoliant in the shower for my face so it’s easier to wash off the tiny beads, but you don’t have to of course.

PCA Skin gentle exfoliant is $25.00 for 7.2 ounces. To place an order, email