What to expect

Average Time:
15 - 45 minutes
No anesthesia required
Am I a good candidate?
In good health, unhappy with the appearance of spider veins on the legs
Risks will be discussed at your consultation
The cost of the procedure will be discussed at your consultation

Asclera is a non-surgical treatment that targets spider and reticular veins on the legs. Ascelra, also known as sclerotherapy, is a FDA-approved medicine (polidocanol) that treats these veins through simple injections. The medication works by damaging the lining of the treated vein so that over time, the vein is replaced with healthy tissue.

An Asclera certified provider will develop a detailed treatment plan based upon your individual needs and the procedure will be performed in the office. Results can be seen as early as two weeks following the first procedure, and will continue to improve over the next three months.