Complements Breast augmentation: Empowering you to look and feel your best in the New Year


Cosmetic procedures are sometimes viewed as vain and unnecessary, but the truth is that when you look better, you feel better. Whether considering breast augmentation to increase breast size, adjust for a reduction in size after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or correct uneven breasts after surgery for other conditions, the procedure can enhance your appearance and help you feel more comfortable with your body. Breast augmentation is not frivolous, but empowering.

Before your first visit
You are a good candidate for breast augmentation if you have fully developed breasts, are in good health and are a non-smoker. It’s important for potential patients to understand that the ideal shape and size of breasts is different for everyone. As with any type of cosmetic procedure, it’s necessary to go into the process with realistic expectations. Before scheduling your first consultation, be prepared to share exactly what you hope to accomplish from the surgery.

Potential patients should also keep in mind that breast augmentation will not correct severely drooping breasts. During your consultation, you may decide that a breast lift would be more appropriate for your desired outcome. If you’re looking for fuller breasts while reversing the effects of sagging, a breast lift can be performed in conjunction with breast augmentation.

About the surgery
Not knowing what to expect during a surgical procedure can be frightening. The more you know, the better informed you’ll be to make the best decision for you. During a breast augmentation, general anesthesia is used and I make a small incision in an inconspicuous area to minimize the visibility of your scars. A pocket for the implant will be created either under the pectoral muscle or directly under the breast tissue. The positioning of the implant is determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on body type and the size of the implant. The surgery is done as an outpatient procedure and usually takes one to two hours, varying slightly according to the type of implant being used.

Specifics on recovery time, as well as, any potential risks are discussed at your consultation appointment.

Meet the doctor
Taking time to talk with each potential patient and getting to know what it is they’d like to accomplish is essential. As a trusted medical professional in the area for 10 years, I’m honored to work with patients to achieve improved self-image. At Mount Nittany Physician Group Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery, I perform all types of reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries, including body contouring, tummy tucks, breast reconstruction and facelifts, as well as, non-surgical procedures such as Botox®, Juvederm® and Cellfina®.

After graduating from Cornell University, I earned my medical degree at Drexel University College of Medicine, where I was awarded the Donald R. Cooper, MD Award for Excellence in Surgery. My residencies included general surgery and plastic & reconstructive surgery at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown. I am a proud member of several professional medical associations, including the American Medical Association, American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the Association of Women Surgeons. I also serve as board chair for Mount Nittany Physician Group and as vice president of Robert H. Ivy Pennsylvania Plastic Surgery Society.

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Emily Peterson, MD, Mount Nittany Physician Group Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery