Complements Is breast augmentation right for you?


As the warmer weather approaches, many women are looking for options to help enhance their appearance. If you have difficulty finding clothing tops and bathing suits that fit, breast augmentation may help. Breast augmentation is also a great option for women who have lost volume and shape of their breasts due to age, pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is also an excellent way to enlarge naturally small breast sizes.

A good candidate for breast augmentation is someone who is:

  • at a stable weight
  • at least 6 months post-partum
  • not currently breastfeeding
  • in good health
  • a non-smoker
  • unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts

Breast augmentation works by placing a breast implant, made up of silicone or filled with saline, under the breast tissue and muscle.  Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes so that the procedure can be individualized to meet each patient’s need. Surgery is an outpatient procedure that usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes and most women are back to most daily activities within a few days following their procedure. As with all surgery, there are risks involved, which will be discussed in detail during the consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon. 

Potential patients must understand that the ideal shape and size of breasts varies from body type to body type, and going into the process with realistic expectations is crucial. When you come in for your breast augmentation consultation, be prepared to share with Emily Peterson, MD, plastic surgeon, Mount Nittany Physician Group Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery, what you hope to accomplish from the surgery.

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