Complements The Sweetest Microdermabrasion Special


Happiness is a warm oven, a fresh batch of cookies and glowing skin! Why not combine the smell of freshly baked cookies while relaxing with a facial mask on?

For just $79, treat yourself to our most popular microdermabrasion session including dermaplaning, a hydrating and purifying chocolate chip cookie scented face mask, and lips frosted with candy cane swirl lip butter to provide 24 hour moisture. 

Microdermabrasion with dermaplane refinishes the epidermis, leaving skin brighter and reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. This process stimulates the skin to produce collagen, which firms and gives a youthful appearance. Hurry in, this special is valid from December 1, 2023 through February 29, 2024.

Scheduling your appointment by calling (814) 231-7878 or via your patient portal!