Complements Is your skin ready for the cooler weather?


By Lashelle Kuhlman, licensed aesthetician, reconstructive & cosmetic surgery, Mount Nittany Physician Group

With the changing of seasons, it’s time to change your skin care routine. Here are my 5 must-have products to keep your skin healthy this winter:

  • Moisturizer – Products containing shea butter, avocado and coconut oils offer good barrier protection. Squalane, ceramides, and fatty acids are also very beneficial in preventing water loss. Green tea, vitamin E, and reservatrol help inflammation and will calm irritated skin. Moisturizing twice each day works best to prevent dry skin.
  • Gentle exfoliator – A gentle exfoliator removes dead skin cells as they are very porous and will absorb a lot of your moisturizer, not allowing much to get in deeper into the skin where it is most needed. I recommend exfoliating two to three times a week.
  • Lip balm – A good lip balm containing SPF to prevent damage to your lips.
  • Sunscreen – Apply SPF daily since harmful UV rays are present all year long.
  • Humidifier – Using a humidifier in your home adds moisture back into the air, which helps fight indoor heating’s drying effects on the skin.

Fall and winter is an excellent time to undergo treatments that rejuvenate your skin such as chemical peels and IPL treatments. Mount Nittany Physician Group Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery offers many treatments and products that can help you take care of your skin this winter! Call 814.231.7878 for a free consultation.