Complements What you need to know about BOTOX®


By Emily Peterson, MD, reconstructive & cosmetic surgery, Mount Nittany Physician Group

As we age, it is natural to start seeing wrinkles, but you can slow down the appearance of aging.  With nearly immediate and noticeable results, treatments like injections and dermal fillers offer a quick and safe way to provide you with a more youthful look. 

Consider the following as you determine if BOTOX® is right for you:

It matters who does your injections. You may see advertisements for BOTOX® at your favorite spa or dentist, but not all practitioners are qualified. Completing facial injections is a delicate balance of understanding facial anatomy and physiology combined with an eye for a natural, balanced aesthetic.

Facial injections are not one size fits all—every face is different, and desired results vary from person to person. Treatments should be tailored to your goals, your specific anatomy, medical history, and your unique aging process. Plastic surgeons can best advise you on what procedures will help you achieve your desired results.

Complications are rare, but they can happen. Board-certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists have medical training to manage any issues during or after an injection. Many plastic surgery and dermatology practices employ nurses or physician assistants as injectors. These physicians ensure nurses and physician assistants are appropriately trained with continuous oversight and supervision. Spas or salons may offer injectable treatments but often have no physician on-site. The supervising physician may also have no actual aesthetic medicine or surgery training.

Avoid home parties. Typically, BOTOX® parties serve food and alcohol in a casual and fun atmosphere, all while offering BOTOX® injections. Guests are given special pricing, lowering the cost. Plus, the host may also get a special discount for coordinating the event. 

It’s important to remember that BOTOX® injections are medical procedures.

  • At a BOTOX® party, you may not get all the information you need to make an informed treatment decision. Additionally, alcohol and peer pressure may influence your decision, prodding you to take action before you are ready.
  • These procedures should be administered in a clean medical office where strict safety protocols govern handwashing, glove use, and syringe safety. Home environments are potentially unsanitary, exposing you to bacteria that may cause infection.
  • At BOTOX® parties you are more likely to have an unlicensed or inexperienced injector, which increases the risk of side effects and may make the treatment less effective. Plus, in a medical setting, you can be assured that BOTOX® is coming from a reputable and safe source which may not be the case at home parties.

Your goal matters. As versatile as facial injections can be, they are not always the best solution to achieve your desired outcomes. Suppose you want to soften lines, add volume, and get a subtly more youthful look. In that case, injectables are a safe, quick option with no downtime.  If you desire a more definitive, longer-lasting, or more dramatic result, a surgical procedure such as a brow/forehead lift or facelift might be your best option.

A plastic surgeon is best equipped to help you evaluate non-surgical and surgical options to help you look and feel your best. They can compare and contrast options and also discuss how best to combine services to achieve desired results.

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