Complements September product of the month: Revision Skincare® C+ Correcting Complex 30%™


This month, I am happy to introduce the newest product available in our office: Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30%. In just a few weeks, this product visibly brightens skin, evens skin tone, firms the skin and improves the overall appearance.

According to Revision Skincare, their patent-pending MelaPATH™ technology brightens and evens out skin tone, supports the skin’s natural production of Vitamins C and E, improves the appearance of fine lines, and defends and corrects damage from free radicals.

This product can be used up to twice a day on all skin types. Incorporate it into your skin care routine by applying the product after your cleanser and before your moisturizer. Revision Skincare C+ Correcting Complex 30% comes in a one-ounce bottle and is available in our office for $160. For more information, call 814.231.7878 or email