Complements Take care of yourself (and your skin) this holiday season


As an aesthetician, I aspire to help people feel their best and educate them on the importance of taking the time to care for their skin. During the holiday season, it is easy to focus on creating the “perfect” holiday for family and friends and forget to take care of our ourselves. Don’t lose yourself in the hustle and bustle – here’s why you should find the time to pamper yourself:

  1. Pampering your skin prevents damage such as such as skin discoloration, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  2. It can help manage stress. Stress has a negative impact on your health and studies have shown that it can increase your risk of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease. Stress can also increase your skin’s oil production, leading to acne and other skin concerns.
  3. It feels good! Feeling your best can have a snowball effect on other areas of your life because you feel happier.

I am offering a special winter skin care package that features microdermabrasion with a chemical peel that will restore your glow. This treatment will help remove dead, dry skin. It will unclog pores, improve the skin tone, help with cell turnover, help with fine lines and wrinkles and collagen production. What a great way to invest in yourself and get your skin ready for the winter months!

Whatever you do this holiday season, I hope you find time for yourself! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!