Complements December product of the month: Glycolix Elite 10% moisturizing cleanser


With the winter season upon us, now is the time to change up your skin care products for ones that will keep your skin protected from the dry winter air. I love Glycolix Elite 10% moisturizing cleanser because of its key ingredient: glycolic acid. Glycolic acid, which is naturally derived from sugar cane, is an alpha hydroxy acid that removes dead skin cells and accelerates the skin’s renewal process. This brightens appearance, smoothes tone and texture, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.   

Other key ingredients include vitamins A, C and E, Coenzyme Q10, green tea extract, antioxidants, and lavender oil. Glycolix Elite 10% moisturizing cleanser can be used on all skin types and it is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog your pores.

This product is available in our office in a 6.7 fluid ounce bottle for $31. For more information, or to order, call 814.231.7878.