Complements Ask Lashelle: Is it bad to wash your face in the shower?


Sometimes I suggest to people that they can wash and/or exfoliate their face in the shower to make it easier. This can be an argumentative topic as some say it can be too harsh in the shower to wash your face, but everyone has their own personal choice. I think it is just fine, especially if you follow a few of these tips.

Do not use bar soap or body wash. Use your specific facial cleanser and/or your specific exfoliator. Using bar soap can damage the outer protective layer or the skin leading to wrinkles and can cause acne and inflammation - which makes breakouts worse.

Use lukewarm water instead of hot water. Steam will help to soften the pores and open them up to cleanse the skin more efficiently.

Wash your hair first and your face last. Just in case you have any shampoo or conditioner left, be sure to wash your face last in the shower so there will be no irritation to the skin.

Personally, I think it is much easier to cleanse and exfoliate in the shower and it’s a great way to address breakout issues on the chest and upper back. The best skin care routine is one that works for you. If you need help creating a skin care routine that works best for you and your lifestyle, schedule a consultation with me by calling 814.231.7878.