Complements Five reasons you should be using a silk pillowcase


I recently made a switch with my pillowcase and I can tell you that this has made quite a difference. Silk pillowcases are an absolute must, especially if you are serious about taking care of your skin. Think about how much time each night you spend lying on a pillow. Your face has more contact with your pillow than with any other fabric.

Traditional cotton pillowcases draw in moisture from your skin and may cause skin irritations. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and will not absorb your skin’s natural oils, which is especially helpful for those with dry skin. Here are five more benefits to using a silk pillowcase:

  1. The silk will not crease your face, so no more wrinkles from your pillow when you wake!
  2. Silk is super soft and cool on your skin
  3. It’s mildew resistant
  4. Silk does not collect dust mites and allergens
  5. It controls bed head (this is huge for my natural curly hair and controlling the frizz!)

Silk pillowcases are not an ultimate solution for any skin care problem, but definitely have some benefits. Now don’t forget your skin care routine at night, including removing your makeup. This is just the cherry on top to your nighttime skin care regimen.