Complements October product of the month: PCA Skin® nutrient toner


I love pumpkin-flavored anything this time of year! With that said, I wanted to highlight a product that has pumpkin in it, too! For the month of October, I am featuring the PCA Skin nutrient toner that includes pumpkin extract as an ingredient.

This toner has a formulation of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and alpha hydroxy acids that is designed to help refine the appearance of pores, gently exfoliate and provide nutritional benefits to the skin. The toner can be used on all skin types and should be used following cleansing the skin.

Toners are helpful for removing any extra makeup and/or dirt that a cleanser may have left behind. It’s amazing to see how much more dirt is removed after toning the skin. But that’s not all; toners are also helpful for shrinking the pores, restoring the pH balance of the skin, and freshening and moisturizing skin.

PCA Skin nutrient toner can be purchased in our office in a 4.4 ounce bottle for $35. For more information, call 814.231.7878 or email