Complements February Product of the Month: Revision Skincare DEJ Eye Cream


We carry a couple of different eye creams in our office, but one that I would like to highlight this month is DEJ eye cream by Revision Skincare.  This eye cream is very moisturizing and contains unique anti-aging antioxidants that help skin appear firmer, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, as well as help brighten the eye area. This eye cream seems to do very well with those who have sensitive eyes and problems with products in the eye area.

Used twice daily, this can be applied under the eye, on the outer corner of the eyes and underneath the brow. What makes this eye cream stand out is that it can be applied to your upper eyelid and studies have shown that it has helped the upper eyelid appearance as well. A tiny bit goes a long way; you only need a pearl-sized amount to spread evenly over your eye area.

DEJ eye cream can be purchased in our office in a 0.5 ounce bottle for $89. For more information, call 814.231.7878 or email