Complements I'm an adult, and my skin continues to break out. What can I do?


By Lashelle Kuhlman, licensed aesthetician, reconstructive & cosmetic surgery, Mount Nittany Physician Group

Your teenage years are long gone and, although we still wish to sleep like we did as a teenager, we do not wish for acne again! Regardless of your age, acne can affect everyone. Adult acne is not uncommon; it’s actually on the rise. I can’t tell you how many times a day I have adult women asking me why they are getting breakouts at their age.

So, what’s causing breakouts in adults? Well it can be many factors; acne in adult women is usually more hormonal than anything. It is most common among women going through menopause or their monthly cycle.  In addition, triggers of stress, sweat, heat, dietary imbalances, products and makeup used that can clog pores, as well as genetics are all factors. Although this is frustrating, it can be treated!

First, stop picking! Picking at your skin will just exacerbate the problem.  Picking runs the risk of scarring and causing the red spots to just hang around longer.  Leave it to the professionals, consult about a skin care program, and discuss if adding chemical peels and/or microdermabrasion to your regimen is a fit for you.

Read the labels on your skin care products and makeup. You want to look for noncomedogenic ingredients that won’t clog pores. Treat and prevent with pharmaceutical grade products.  Add a retinol to your skin care regimen. Retinol products can help acne, wrinkles, dullness, firmness and age spots. Retinols are skin cell normalizers, so that means that they speed up skin cell turnover, which helps clear up breakouts and build collagen. Just be sure to introduce this product into your routine slowly — not every day at first, as it can dehydrate your skin — and always use your sunscreen.

If you’re fighting adult acne, you’re not alone! Living a totally acne-free life is next to impossible for pretty much anyone, but with these tips and tools, you can reduce breakouts and the appearance of blemishes as quickly and painlessly as possible so you can focus on more important things with confidence.